State of AI – Trends, Warning Signs, and Future Predictions

Hosted by global AI expert, Noah Kenney, this interactive audio event covers a range of topics, including:
– The current state of AI
– Defining consciousness and considering whether an AI can achieve it
– Warning signs and methods of preventing this technology from destroying humanity
– A brief analysis of how AI will impact the economy and job markets
– Predictions of where this technology is headed

Listeners will have a chance to ask questions and engage with Noah throughout the event. Noah is a world renown AI expert and researcher, the host of the popular ‘Building the Future with AI’ podcast, and the President of the AI Ethics Forum, an artificial intelligence not-for-profit think tank.

Noah is a multi-time published researcher and is the lead author of the forthcoming Global Artificial Intelligence Framework, a collaborative effort of international researchers to develop a framework to ensure ethical use of AI. He is also the lead developer of an IOS application that uses vision recognition to detect both bacterial and viral pneumonia in <4 seconds with an accuracy rate >95% (~9% higher than an average radiologist).