Meet Noah Kenney, a visionary leader at the forefront of technological advancement and ethical innovation.

Noah’s Biography

Noah Kenney is a multi-disciplinary expert with extensive experience as an AI engineer, IT consultant, data scientist, and researcher. He is currently the President and Lead Researcher at the Disruptive AI Lab, a global research and development lab specializing in applying AI in healthcare. A significant portion of his work is related to R&D of artificial neural networks which model human consciousness through cognitive mirroring. Additionally, he is the lead developer behind an IOS application which uses vision recognition and the phone’s optical sensors to diagnose pneumonia from a single image of a chest x-ray in less than 1 second with a greater than 95% accuracy rate. This application was accepted and funded by the Create-X incubator program.

Noah is also the lead researcher at the Ethical AI Forum, a global think tank working to ensure the ethical development and deployment of AI technologies. The Ethical AI Forum is currently authoring the Global Artificial Intelligence Framework (GAIF), the world’s most comprehensive AI framework, of which Noah is listed as the lead author. He is the host of the popular ‘Building the Future with AI’ podcast, an acclaimed speaker for various podcasts and events, and a guest author for various blogs and publications.

Additionally, Noah has extensive experience in IT development and entrepreneurship. He was the founder and lead developer of Digital 520, a leading specialty web technology and marketing agency which helped clients raise over $2.5 billion in assets. Noah operated the company for nearly 7 years and grew it to seven figures in revenue before leading the company to its successful acquisition in December, 2023. Noah now works in a fractional IT role at multiple organizations, including at Habitat for Humanity where he is the Regional Director of IT for North and Central Georgia.

He is a sought after consultant on a range of topics including AI, business management, and international data privacy compliance. He has extensive experience in compliance with the CCPA, CPRA, GDPR, and HIPAA, among others. He is an independent researcher and regularly publishes academic papers, which cover topics including computational science and mathematics, electrical engineering, artificial intelligence, neural network models, data privacy, and economic analysis.

Noah is on both the instructional and research team at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, where he also co-developed the country’s first AI privacy engineering course His work and lectures are broadly in data privacy, technology law, AI model development, and computational mathematics.

Noah’s formal education at the undergraduate level is in economics and pre-law, also at the Georgia Institute of Technology (high honors). At the graduate level, he studied engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder (in both Engineering Management and Electrical Engineering).

He holds over 25 advanced industry certifications from Microsoft, Johns Hopkins University, University of California Irvine, University of London, University of Maryland, Lund University, Politecnico di Milano, Northeastern University, European Institute of Innovation and Technology, and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. He holds various awards and accolades.

Noah’s Curriculum Vitae