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House Passes Bill Requiring Selling or Banning of TikTok

In a 360 to 58 vote, the United States House of Representatives has passed a $95 billion foreign aid package bill, which includes provisions related to the controversial social media application, TikTok. Specifically, the bill will require that TikTok be sold by...

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AI Concerns, Limitations, and Consciousness (The Noah Kenney Podcast)

In this episode we go beyond the hype of AI to discuss its real world risks, limitations, and benefits. We answer questions about whether an AI can truly be conscious, the dangers of physical harm and polarization, and the limitations of further AI advancements. We also discuss potential positive uses of AI, including AI for transaction fraud monitoring.

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Bring More Web Traffic to Your Brand with Noah Kenney

Join host Jonathan Hayek with guest Noah Kenney, an expert in design, web development, SEO, and gaining an online following. Enjoy hearing about: - What you should be putting on your website - The best way to choose a brand name - How to leverage social media to bring...

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